XENUM X1-BIKE 10W50 1lt

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A modern ester based synthetic 4 stroke motor oil, produced with special selected base oils with a high and stable viscosity index and a well balanced choice of advanced additives.
This engine oil provides optimum protection. It exceeds the performance requirements of all engine manufacturers.

•Fuel economy
•High and very stable viscosity index.
•Superior resistance against shearing.
•Great detergency and dispersion.
•Very strong resistance against oxidation.
•Safe lubrication film at all temperatures.
•High protection against wear and foaming.

This oil has been specially developed for the lubrication of four-stroke motorcycle engines,
so it slip, paste and / or rough shifting the clutch plates belong to the past.
This oil has been developed in close cooperation with the major motorcycle manufacturers and has been tested and proven abilities in practice.
Thanks to all of the properties, the oil isalso extremely suitable for race and endurance conditions.